Planet Web

Example frontpage imagePlanet Web is an all or nothing affair. If you're not on Page one you will not be seen so as an ethical search engine optimization company our techniques ensure that your site achieves this first page listing for your chosen keywords, or you pay nothing.

From in house SEO and web marketing to professional consultations, online marketing takes an out-of-the-box approach when dealing with search engines and web crawlers.

You can usually find 90% of websites using a search engine if you know the approximate name of the website, although even this can be difficult in competitive markets. Of course that’s no use to you if the potential customer doesn’t know that you exist.

Search Engine Positioning

Our service really makes your website work for you by increasing traffic to your site and we have an ever growing list of extremely satisfied clients who have seen the benefits.

What Planet Web should not do is trick the search engine into linking to websites that cannot deliver the desired service, product or information. Of course this is exactly what the search engines themselves want to avoid as it will result in disappointed customers and therefore lower traffic.